Chinese New Year 2015

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For Chinese New Year this year, we started our journey at 4am and arrived up north at about 8am plus just to skip all the jam. Exactly how we did last year and since then, we decided to follow the previous year.

This year, not many of my relatives decided to go to their spouses’ hometown instead for reunion dinner. We had a small one with enough dishes to feed another 3-4 people I suppose.

Chinese New Year 2015 - Reunion Dinner and Day 1

Chinese New Year 2015 – Reunion Dinner and Day 1

I brought two tops home but ended up wearing one which Mum gave me the night before because I thought it was cute! Looked like some amoi from kampung.  Cutting is quite large so I did look big in those pictures especially if taken sideways. So pair it with a pair of jeans for some modern twist!

And like last year’s Chinese New Year, Mum made a deco corner which serves as a photo booth. This year she did the same. And this time, she made everyone take a picture at the said photo booth including those relatives who came to visit. No one is spared. It became compulsory picture for everyone before they leave the house.

Chinese New Year 2015 - Photobooth

Chinese New Year 2015 – Photobooth


This year, so happens 4 out of 5 of us wore Chinese collar attire. So there’s the said photo booth corner.

Didn’t really eat a lot of Chinese New Year cookies this year. At Day 4 only I had a taste of those so-called addictive arrowhead chips. Mum gave me one to bring to KL, but the chips are salty! Why on earth would the person who made this (not my Mum because it was given by someone) put salt into an already salted chips. I guess I won’t be eating much of those chips anymore then.

Mum made chocolate chip cookies – regular chocolate with nuts and double chocolate. After 6 days, I’ve only eaten 1 container total. I can even count the amount of mandarin oranges I have eaten until today using one hand. Haha. Seriously. That’s how much I ate for now.

Well, tomorrow work starts. Wished I could stay at my parents’ place for a longer while.

Anyway, Gong Xi Fatt Cai and Happy Chinese New Year 2015 to all!!!

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