Loving the Bunnies

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“Can I have bunnies on my banner?”


“Can I have an icon?”


He didn’t say no to any of my request…and I end up with not one bunny but eight bunnies! Talk about all the ‘ong’ I’m going to get from these bunnies. Thanks to the man behind my banner – Azwan, the guy from Ohsem.Me.

Why bunnies? Because I used to have a pet rabbit which i called Bunny. Got it when it was a baby and it grew to the length of my elbow to palm, before it snuck out from the hole at my gate. I miss Bunny.



Photoshoot with Bunny


Anyway, not only did he surprise me with eight bunnies, he migrated my blog to WordPress and even did the hosting (or is it the same thing?) Yes, he’s also the one who got me my domain. Well, I’m pretty more not blog-savvy as I’ve always been using free blog sites.

No amount of thanks will be enough for the time and effort he put in to help me with this blog. Now, he’s got to teach me some of the stuff I see on the menu bar which is at the moment so alien to me.

All in all, thanks for everything and may the force be with the bunnies!!!!

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