Wealth Expo 2013

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Over the weekend, I was at the Wealth Expo 2013 held at MIECC next to The Mines Shopping Mall. It was really a nice weekend with cool weather.

The expo or should I say 100% seminar style was great. Had Adam Khoo, Milan Doshi, Fabian Lim and few others, but the most important of all was to be able to see Chris Gardner! His life story was told in a book and later inspired for the film “The Pursuit to Happyness”. I for sure need to grab my hands on either one of it since I haven’t read or watch any of it.

Chris Gardner – picture courtesy of Adam Khoo Seminars

The expo talks more on investment of stocks, property, internet marketing and many other topics which some of it, I never have heard of.

Didn’t have much pictures of my own except these two of the crowd before the doors open and the stage before everything starts.

Well, here’s a few more pictures from the organiser – Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group!

Check out the amount of people there!
Adam Khoo – a self-made millionaire by the age of 26.
One of an interactive activity by one of the speakers

More pictures on the Facebook of Adam Khoo Seminars!

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