Raya Roadtrip at Morib

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During Raya, the bunch of us jumped into Don’s car and drove to Morib. The day before, our friend Joe had texted us with “This is what you will be expecting tomorrow. [followed by picture of yummy soto and durians to die for]”

That’s Joe. The plate of black squares on the top picture is his home made dodol and below is the yummy soto!

We had great soto that Joe’s family did. The bite size bergedils, the awesome chilli, it was perfect! The meal ended with durian from his mom’s trees. Oh, and Joe made his own dodol as well.

Durian for dessert
Joe’s mom has cempedek trees fruiting. That’s Don with his camera and kampung eggs.

We wanted to pack durians on the way home but everywhere sold out. So we headed to the beach before we headed back to KL. 
The huge anchor which was our landmark.

Windy day at Morib for kite flying. Ron sitting in a shell sculpture and navigator Azwan with Joe.

Great day of soto and durians. Thanks Joe for the great meal and thanks to the gang for having me along.

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