Living on Minimum Wage: Yeah or Nay.

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I stumbled upon a very interesting article this morning and it’s about living on minimum wages written by Sharmila Valli Narayanan. The minimum wage that is known to us ir RM900 in Peninsular and RM800 in East Malaysia. Click here for the article.

I am living on it almost every other month basically. It’s hard but I have no choice. I go to work by train but in order to get to the train station, I have to drive. Bus schedule is always off and it’s tough when I have to clock in the office at a certain time. But I will still give it a try again after the screw up the bus company gave me.
Food. I’m thankful for colleagues who knows where to get cheap food. It’s cheap that we never go past RM5 even with a plate of rice with a serving of fish/meat and a serving of vegetables. Also thankful to them for packing leftovers from their family dinner and sharing it with me over lunch. Else, lunch alone would cost me RM8 and above as my office is at a shopping mall! Breakfast and dinner, I usually just have bread.
*pause to go cook some food for lunch and dinner for tomorrow*
Utility bills are something no one can escape. As I’m living with my sister, so we shared the cost of Streamyx, electric, water, TV, etc. 
Well, basically it’s just that I can think of. Lots of wise choice to make. No more entertainment. It’s been a really long while since I watch a movie at the cinema. But it’s not easy and it’s hard to survive with that minimum wage. There’s not much to save for a rainy day. Like the other day when the washing machine broke down, my car tyre busted as if someone cut through it, I really had to really dig and dig for money to pay of these repairs which costs a bomb. Total of both is basically 2/3 of the minimum wage.
So, I don’t know. People think that I’m lucky because I live in the city and not a kampung town. But sometimes, I wish I’m not living in a big city. It just costs too much. If at a kampung town, I would be still be able to cycle from Point A to Point B plus it’s safer on a motorcycle which Dad will definitely allow. He doesn’t allow his girls to ride motorcycles here in the big city. It’s not safe!
Ah, the urban poor is what I call myself. Try and live a month on the minimum wage and tell me what it is like. Would love to know and maybe I can learn something from you too.
Do share with me!
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