10 Ways To Work-Life Balance

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Read this article over the weekend in The Star and I wonder if I have work-life balance. So let’s see if I have any based on the 10 ways The Star quoted.

10. Adjust your perspective of work
OK. I guess I haven’t really mastered this yet. Sometimes, to me work is work. I guess I need to put some play to work.

9. Utilise your leave days
I am one person who is bad with utilizing my leave days. My company allows me to carry forward my balance for a year which now, I’m trying hard to clear last years leave! Yes, I still have 5 days left and I’m at my busy period right now which basically leave me no time for leave. I need to figure out how to finish up my balance 5 days and think of how I should finish this year’s leave, next year.

8. Talk to people at work and outside of work
I believe my circle of friends are good. People from work and friends outside of work. So far, I think I’m good at this. I talk about people at work to those outside of work and vice versa.

7. Have a bit of fun everyday
Fun, fun, fun! I guess my fun time after a long day of work is sitting in front of another screen – the TV. I watch my favourite sitcoms and laugh out loud. Gosh, do I sound anti social?

6. Understand the difference between “urgent” and “important”
OK. This, I really have to ask my seniors the next time I’m being given a task so that I can prioritize and also make sure all the tasks given are completed in the given time. 

5 Get enough sleep
Oh sleep! I’m one person who doesn’t get enough. I’m to wake up at 6.00-6.30am and I can be still wide awake at 2.00am. Yes. I’m that bad and it shows because my dark eye bags pops up overnight. At times, it is not that I want to be awake, it’s that I can’t sleep at all!  

4. Allocate time for exercise
Gym gym gym! Shbam is my favourite class. If my trainer is not around, I won’t be in gym. I’ll head home. However, if I have enough time to travel to the club, I’ll do laps until I’m too tired to do any more strokes. 

3. Pursue a hobby, preferably one that isn’t work-related
I love my handicraft – jewelry making with beads, charms, paper, all sorts of medium. Over the weekend, I try to plan photography outings with some friends. Mostly, I’ll be seen in restaurants or stalls trying out food recommended by friends, random people or food websites.

2. Don’t bring work home
I think I’m good at this. I really try not to bring home work. Unless I have to. If it can really wait the next morning, I’ll not bring it home. Sometimes, deadlines just forces me to bring work home which I’m really guilty of too.

1. Manage time wisely
I only leave reaally on time on days I need to be elsewhere after work. Other than that, I’m mostly leaving later. I suppose leaving on time is a good thing after all now. 

Wow, it seems that my work-life balance isn’t really that balance after all. Time to change!

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